About our company

Viaplix's D-Traffic is a leader in providing Command Center software for monitoring, alerting and enabling remediation for data transfer processing and management.

The Problem:

IT Command Centers are supporting complex infrastructures that have been bolted together with a variety of software tools and interfaces integrated together to run your business. This combination of disjoint and silo'd software suffers from data compatibility, requires manual data tracking and involves a multiplicity of data transaction processing solutions.

The Answer:

Viaplix's D-Traffic MFT monitoring solution. D-Traffic helps businesses harmonize that ecosystem of varied data processing providers into one, data consistent, seamless monitoring solution for run-time transaction analysis, reporting, and remediation management.

Viaplix's D-Traffic helps you detect, prevent, and address business process failures before they impact your business.

Viaplix's D-Traffic is one of the most powerful, comprehensive, and cost effective MFT monitoring solution in the market.

About our people

A key component in our drive to deliver for our clients is our people.

We have acquired and developed a team of the best available talent and specialists in the MFT field.

Our reputation is based on the deep knowledge and expertise of our staff, whether in software architecture, application development, data processing systems or security and regulatory compliance.

Our quality and delivery standards are backed by years of providing IT managed services and delivering optimized solutions across a multitude of business verticals, from small IT start-ups to multi-national banks.

Combined with our understanding of the MFT market, latest technologies and addressing complex software program deliverables ... our clients, big and small, consistently rely on us as their trusted business partner for their MFT managed business solution and supporting services.