D-Traffic Solution

Minimizes Business Interruptions caused by Data Transaction Transfer Failures ...

Any interrupton to your business transaction processing can cost valuable time and money. Your business relies on complex, multi-platform, multi-vendor solutions and ever-changing technologies and applications that support business services provided to your customers.

Business transactions fail ... for people, process and technology reasons. Businesses struggle to manage, identify and remediate the data transactions that have failed, why they failed, and how to prevent recurrent failures.

Viaplix's D-Traffic solution can help provdide the adaptability you need to support current and future transaciton growth opportunties by enabling a long-term, sustainable infrastructure for your enterprise-wide integration.

Whether connecting to internal systems, applications, or various external 3rd party business solutions, the Viaplix D-Traffic solution provides the managment, visibility, and control required to ensure that your business minimizes the financial, reputational and other regulatory risks to your business, that are currently caused by business transaction failures and management thereof.

D-Traffic In Depth

Centralized Dashboard for MFT Monitoring:

  • Provides full system monitoring, alerting, and transfer/scheduler dashboards for your Command Center
  • Offers a Self Service Portal for MFT Validation & Remediation
  • Provides an easy to configure report tool for IT and business users for Internal Audit and SOX compliance
  • Provides customization capabilities for critical month end CCAR reporting, and other critical business processes

Seamless Transaction On-Boarding and MFT Administration:

  • Eliminates manual Excel data compilation and reporting.
  • Built-in master data wizard enables quick and efficient data onboarding.
  • Transaction monitor enables real time reporting/monitoring to ensure SLAs and KPIs are met.
  • Intuitive UI to centralize contacts for accelerating issue resolution.
  • Provides custom API to automated real time holiday calendar loading.
  • Provides role-based user and administration controls for full flexibility and delegation.

Product Consolidation & Low Solution TCO:

  • D-Traffic has proven the lowest TCO of any transaction/scheduler monitor in the areas of configuration, installation, administration, and upgrade.
  • D-Traffic proposed Two Node Architecture will ensure for easy deployment without dependency on 3rd party DB.
  • D-Traffic to give you a seamless data flow and integration platform which will allow you to consolidate into a single solution.

D-Traffic "Dual-Node" Architecture